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Changes In Email Security All Your Questions Answered

By now you may have gotten emails from Dubsado, FloDesk, Shopify, and many other’s about the new email security changes from Google and Yahoo. If you missed it, click here to read more about it.

I put together all your questions with answers.

WTF is Happening?
Google and Yahoo are saying no more spam. They are having us all add some new security measures to our emails so those receiving and sending know you are a legit sender.

Who Needs To Do This?
Anyone sending email from their business. Originally they said this would be best practice for anyone who sends more than 5,000 messages in one day. However, what has become mandatory for bulk senders is going to become mandatory for everyone eventually. Also, I have already seen issues with emails going to spam and problems with inquiries as other providers that send email on behalf of our businesses (Flodesk, Dubsado, Honeybook, Shopify etc) who want to keep their servers safe from spam. Trust me take care of this now to keep a safer less spammy inbox.

When Do I Need To Do This By?
The guideline was originally April 2024, then suddenly we all got hit with “starting on February 1st”. Which brings me back to, things change quickly and without notice so just get this one done and off your already packed business to do list.

Can I Still Use My @gmail.com and @yahoo.com Business Email?
In order to go through this verification process, you have to have a branded business email. Meaning it has your domain in it. So you need to sign up for example, jess@sociallysavvystudio.com and can’t be using sociallysavvystudio@gmail.com.

Where Should I Sign Up For A Business Email?
I recommend Google Workspace. One thing I found out is they are automatically puttin people into their most expensive plan, which us small business owners do not need. You can do the starter for $6 a month but that does not come with their live chat support. I chose Business Standard for $12 a month which comes with the live support. Click here to sign up and choose the right plan for you. This is not an affiliate link, I make no money from this, it is just who I recommend using.

Can I Do This Myself?
If you are tech savvy and familiar with editing your DNS records for your domain, absolutely. Click here to go through the steps.

I Verified Mine With FloDesk – It Is Not Working?
FloDesk, over night created an amazing one click verification tool. It logins into where your domain is registered and automatically adds the records for you. The issue – the records they added put your domain in them and so does your domain registrar. So that duplicates that part in the record and it will not work, you won’t pass the verification. You then have to manually go in and remove that part of the record on all three records that FloDesk automatically added. So far I have not seen the one click verification tool work for anyone.

Ready to mark this off your to-do list and have a secure e-mail without having to deal with any of the tech stuff? E-mail jess@sociallysavvystudio.com or drop me a DM @sociallysavvystudio on Instagram and I can do this for you. Cost depends on a few things, I need to ask some questions and then I can let you know the cost and get this setup for you.






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