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Entrepreneur Inspiration | Celebrating 10 Years As An Entrepreneur

I am celebrating 10 years as an entrepreneur today! Ten years ago on October 1st I registered as a business owner.
I was consumed with fear and this unwilling determination to build a life of my dreams and have the freedom to work from anywhere.
Newly married, our first mortgage, a shit ton of student loan debt, I knew the risk. But I just knew this was the path I was meant to pursue.
In 2011 my business was called iblog4-u. I started out with my own Destination Wedding blog after planning mine and soon I was being asked by other wedding pros to help them blog.
Blogging evolved into social media management and offering web design. In 2016 I rebranded as Socially Savvy Studio.
By 2019 I had worked with over 50 wedding pros and creatives and had a roster of 20 dedicated clients for social media management who almost all had been with me since 2011.
In January 2020 I pivoted going from done for you social media management to done with you. My mission changed to empowering wedding pros and creatives to be their own social media managers and online marketers to save time and money. I wanted to get their stories told, to help business owners show up authentically and to build their online community full of dream clients to grow their businesses.
Being able to work with over 100 wedding pros and creative business owners to teach them how to be their own #savvybusinessowners and make an impact is what makes my heart so full.
This journey has come with lots of successes and equal amounts of failures. So many highs and so many lows.
The greatest gift, I did it when so many told me it wasn’t possible. I was told no one would pay for blogging, that social media wasn’t a job and there was no money in it, that it wasn’t possible to be both a mom and a CEO. The message I was told, that I would always have to choose motherhood or having the business of my dreams.
A decade in, I am here to tell you I never had to choose.
The number one lesson I have learned 10 years in as an entrepreneur, you have to have the belief. The belief that it is possible.
So I have one ask for you today, to celebrate this milestone with me, believe. Stop the comparing, don’t listen to the imposter syndrome. You are capable of having the life and business of your dreams.
When you believe, that energy shows up and just watch you’ll begin to attract everything you have ever wanted.
I believe in each in everyone of you but, “you gotta keep your head up, I know it’s hard, to remember sometimes, but you gotta keep your head up.”
This song by Andy Grammer was what came on the radio as I drove away for the last time from my corporate job in 2011. It was exactly the sign I needed.
I am excited for what’s next for me and for you #savvybusinessowner

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