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Showing Up On Social Media Podcast Episode

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with photographer Natalie Sinisgalli of NSP Studio for her new podcast Own Your Bold, and talk about showing up on social media. Click here to listen. ⁠

Natalie “features success stories and struggles, tips and resources shared by bad ass women who are changing the world.” ⁠I am among amazing company over there, including my dearest friend, client, mentor, Stacy of  Stacy K Floral who chat’s about naming your business with your name. It’s a really good episode. ⁠

You will hear me say that social media should be fun and I talk about my own struggles with showing up. My phrase for 2020 when it comes to social media has been perfection is out and authenticity is in. ⁠

I talk to so many wedding pros who have shared with me that they don’t stay consistent because social media kills their creativity, they get lost comparing and down the destructive social media rabbit hole. It doesn’t have to be this way. ⁠

We can be strategic about promoting positive vibes through social media. Your vibe attracts your tribe and don’t over think your posts. Lean into being your authentic self. ⁠The rest will follow, I promise, showing up on social media can be so empowering.

Need help with being consistent with your social media? I would love to chat, jess@sociallysavvystudio.com.



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