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Social Media Consistency Is Key

Want social media success for your wedding business? It doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with consistency.

  1. Schedule time for your social media
    Just like working out, sending proposals, paying bills, having meetings, you block out times in your schedule to make it all happen. Social media is the same. Pick a time and day for your social media.
  2. Get yourself a scheduler
    I sound like a broken record I know, get yourself a scheduler, I love and use Later or you can use Facebook’s Creator Studio which is free. This way you are not scrambling with what to post and say. Also, life happens and your social media can be automated in case other things come up.
  3. Choose the channels you can devote time to
    If your trying to keep up with sending out tweets, posting on the gram, doing stories, getting on Facebook, pinning, and now my new love to hate, TikTok, you are going to lose your sanity, never mind consistency. So choose your favorite social media channel give it your all and than add on.
  4. Quality Over Quantity
    If posting every single day is too much for you, find a schedule that works. Maybe post four days a week or choose not to post on your off days, but choose those days and stick to them. Repost good content, no one remembers what you posted last week, let alone months ago.
  5. Plan your content
    Plan out your content and create a strategy for yourself. I do this with Trello, a list building web based platform, you can use a google doc, a word doc, there are loads of free printouts online, or a good old fashion notebook. This is the other reason I am a big fan of using National Calendar Days as fillers and if you plan ahead you can fill in the ones that make sense for you to celebrate.

Showing up consistently on social media will help you grow a community of engaged members and spread your brand presence, but more importantly will attract dream clients.





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